Travel Around the World and Live Life Grandly – Travel World

Travel around the world might sound like an impossible dream to many people, but in fact, it’s far easier than you think. One thing that stops people from thinking about taking a year off to travel around the world is that they worry they will be hurting their future job security, but let’s face it. There isn’t any such thing as job security any more. As soon as the numbers are facing a down turn, the boss is going to start issuing pink slips and you might be the next to go.In fact, a funny thing is that we usually value what we don’t have more than we value what we do. By taking a year off to travel and letting your boss know that you will return refreshed and ready to hit him with great ideas, fresh perspective, and the experience of your travel around the world; you are actually giving him and the company to value you and your services all the more.Travel around the world opens your mind and in fact, when you get back, you may not even want to go back to the same old job you had before you left. You might decide to stay in the Caribbean and open a dive shop, work as an English teacher in Timbuktu, or become a foreign expert in your field while living in Xian, China. Travel has a funny way of showing us what is really important in our lives. You might have been missing the key to your happiness by not having that conversation with a Buddhist monk in Chaing Mai, Thailand.Don’t wait. You aren’t getting any younger or more secure in your lifestyle or position. What you are doing is missing the golden opportunity of having the chance to travel around the world while you can still enjoy it.